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  • How to Get Involved at Sopo?
    Sopo is a mostly volunteer operation. We need your skills, energy, creativity, and whatever time you have to give, no matter how small. Come on down to the shop and tell us you're here to help. At the shop, we keep a list of short-term and ongoing tasks, and folks always need assistance with their maintenance issues. Below is a list of Things To Do, which includes administrative activities, too!. Remember: Sopo is a safe community space that strives to be welcoming to all kinds of people at all times. As a volunteer, you are asked to lead by example. Please avoid putting people down, suggesting that you are smarter because you know more about bicycles, using derogatory language, assuming someone knows less about bicycles due to their demographics, and taking tools away from people. Everyone is here to learn, make friends, and try new things. Let's help each other out by being friendly and patient.
    What Can You Do as a Volunteer at Sopo?
    • Mechanic
      Be of assistance to shop visitors. Help them in a way that allows them to get their hands dirty. Encourage them to do most of the work. If you are not helping anyone in particular at a given moment, make yourself available, keep an eye out for improper tool use, or take a break. This is hard work.
    • Greeter
      Greet everyone who comes in the shop and make sure they sign in. Ask if they've been to the shop before and if they need anything in particular. Explain how the shop works. Direct the visitor to an available volunteer mechanic as necessary.
    • Recycler
      Sort recycling into appropriate bins and take out as necessary.
    • Bike Picker-Upper
      Pick up bicycle donations from locations around Atlanta.
    • Project leader
      Sopo has several programs outside of the shop, and all need volunteer participation in different ways. Programs include: youth programming, disability programming, homeless programming, and bicycle rack installation. We need volunteers to interact with participating communities, fundraise for these programs, develop these programs, and more. Ask for more information about a specific program if you are interested in helping.
    • Fundraiser
      We need help with our fundraising events, grant seeking, direct solicitation, and other fundraising activities, including creating, inventorying, and selling merchandise.
    • Media/PR/Social/Website Volunteer
      Contribute to our shop blog, write press releases for important announcements, contribute to our newsletter, and help keep lines of communication open between Sopo and various news outlets. Designer..Make flyers, brochures, posters, t-shirts, and more.

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