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What we are: We provide the tools, space & guidance. You provide the project. The Sopo Bike Shop is a Safe Space for you to learn how to fix your own bicycle guided by our volunteers. Sopo has a huge wall of used parts, that may be ready to install or ready to part out and reuse, all the pro tools you will need and bike work stations for you to work on your project. Also, we have ready-to-ride and need-some-work bicycles for sale. Inventory changes daily and all bikes are priced by the community. Volunteers and shop managers are available to guide you in your project. They will not do the work for you but they will teach you how to do it.

What we aren't: We are not a traditional bike shop or for profit store. You can't drop off your bike for service.

Location: 1118-A Memorial Drive, Atlanta

Hours: Tue, Wed & Thur: 7pm-10pm | Sat: 2-6pm

Pricing: Suggested donation is $5 per shop hour | $5 per part used | Used bikes priced between $10-$200.

Shop Rules: Shop is a Safe Space. We do not tolerate violence, harassment or hate speech. So come hang & chill with us. All of us.


  • Dub

    Since 2008


  • Eric

    Since 2013


  • Ben

    Since 2019


  • Robert R

    Since 2010


  • Josh

    Since 2016


  • Robert A

    Since 2005

    Robert A

  • Scott

    Since 2005


  • Travis

    Since 2013


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Donations FAQs

Adult bicycles: Yes. We accept working, fixable & parts bikes

Kids bikes: No. Please contact Free Bikes 4 Kids

Damaged bikes: Maybe. Too rusted or unfixable, recycle at CHARM

Parts & cash: Yes. During shop hours or donate online

Clothes & Accessories: Yes. In good condition, during shop hours

Location & inquiries

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7pm-10pm. Saturday 2pm-6pm

Location: 1118-A Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316 (Google Maps)

Contact us: Online Contact Form


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