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  1. What is Sopo Bicycle Cooperative?
    Sopo Bicycle Cooperative is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization that facilitates the collective ownership and operation of a bicycle repair shop. Membership is contingent upon participation in shop activities. All participants turn wrenches. No prior experience is necessary.
  2. What is Sopo's mission?
    Our mission is to create equitable access to cycling by providing no/low-cost bicycle maintenance services and education.
  3. Where is the shop?
    The shop is located at 1118-A Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316 just a block west of the corner of Memorial Dr. & Moreland Ave. in Reynoldstown.
  4. What are the shop hours?
    Our shop hours are 7pm to 10pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; 2pm to 6pm on Saturday.
  5. Can I donate my bicycle or bike parts?
    Yes, we accept donations of adult bicycles, parts, accessories, bike tools & funds. We do not accept kids bikes but our friends do, please contact Free Bikes 4 Kids
  6. Do you recycle bicycles that are no longer rebuildable or too rusted to rebuild?
    We accept bicycles that are not road worthy but still have usable parts. If your bicycle is fully damaged or too rusted to rebuild, please take it to CHARM for recycling.
  7. How do I make a financial donation to Sopo?
    Please visit our Donation page. Buy a t-shirt. Buy a bike.
  8. Can I donate clothes?
    Yes. Please make sure you wash the clothes first.
  9. What is the suggested donation structure?
    We suggest $5 per hour for use of tools, grease, degreaser, and other shared items; $5 per part; Frames and bicycles priced at shop. Usually start at $20. Donations are not limited to cash. No one is turned away for lack of cash or resources.
  10. Can I buy a bike from Sopo?
    Yes. Completed bicycles that are ready to ride or almost ready are priced at shop. Prices start at $20 depending on amount of work needed to complete. Check out just a few of our bikes available for purchase online.
  11. What can I do at Sopo?
    You can access tools and knowledge to work on your bike in a laid-back environment. You cannot pay us to fix your bike.
  12. Will someone at Sopo fix my bike for me?
    No. Someone at Sopo will guide you while you fix your own bike.

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Donations FAQs

Adult bicycles: Yes. We accept working, fixable & parts bikes

Kids bikes: No. Please contact Free Bikes 4 Kids

Damaged bikes: Maybe. Too rusted or unfixable, recycle at CHARM

Parts & cash: Yes. During shop hours or donate online

Clothes & Accessories: Yes. In good condition, during shop hours

Location & inquiries

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7pm-10pm. Saturday 2pm-6pm

Location: 1118-A Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316 (Google Maps)

Contact us: Online Contact Form

Email: info@sopobikes.org

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